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Richard Shorty
  • Totem Matted Art Print
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The Raven, Wolf, Bear and Frog are all represented in this lively Totem print by Northern Tutchone artist Richard Shorty. Born in 1959, Shorty is sought after for his signature style that incorporates both Northwest Coast formline elements and naturalistic wildlife settings. This white art print has a thick white mat, depicting a raven, wolf, bear, and frog stacked on top of each other with "Totem, Richard Shorty" handwritten on the bottom.

Richard Shorty is a self-taught artist, and his crest is Crow. He began painting in 1981 with encouragement from Heiltsuk artist Ben Houstie. In 1981/82, he started learning Northwest Coast design from the book Looking at Northwest Coast Art, and others. From what he learned, he began to develop his own designs. In 1983, Richard moved to Victoria, BC, to learn from other artists. During this time, Richard picked up on his carving techniques and began to create a style that was a combination of traditional and realistic Native art. Richard's first limited edition print, titled Frog, was produced by the Leona Lattimer Gallery.

His work also includes original drawings and paintings. In the fall of 2010, Richard helped complete the largest mural in Metro Vancouver. On the side of the Orwell Hotel, at Hastings and Jackson, Richard worked on this 743-foot mural, which represents Vancouver’s urban Aboriginal population and celebrates Vancouver icons. Richard has painted bentwood boxes for us at Lattimer Gallery, as well as stunning leather cuff bracelets.

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Totem Matted Art Print