Strong Earth Woman 1000 Piece Puzzle

James Jacko, John Rombough, Leah Marie Dorion
  • Strong Earth Woman 1000 Piece Puzzle
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This 1000-piece family puzzle is designed by Métis artist, Leah Marie Dorion. Developed by the Canadian company, Oscardo, which works closely with Indigenous artists from across North America to bring different forms of Indigenous art into your life. Artists collaborated in the design process, in order to share their unique visions and stories. Each box includes an artist biography to connect you to the artist behind the art. 

    Strong Earth Woman by Leah Marie Dorion honours the important physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual connection women have with the earth. The earth teaches us that we need balance in order to be healthy and well. The female subject represents Mother Nature, an important figure to many Indigenous Nations. Grounded by the roots of our trees, and holding the planet in her arms, this piece paints a picture of clear environmental healing and hope. 

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    Strong Earth Woman 1000 Piece Puzzle