Spirit of the Sky Art Socks

Leila Stogan
  • Spirit of the Sky Art Socks
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"These woven designs reflect our ancestral traditions and our connection to nature." - Leila Stogan

These maroon socks feature an orange geometric starburst design over the foot and a turquoise and cream striped border with bird shapes along the ankle.

Leila Stogan is a Musqueam artist who studied traditional Musqueam weaving in 1984, as part of an important revitalization of an almost-lost art. “Our stories and traditions are woven into our textiles,” she says. Her work can also be seen in MOA's Multiversity Galleries. These socks feature Stogan's "Spirit of the Sky" design, inspired by her weavings. The design depicts a Thunderbird, which "represents the power and strength that we all share."

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Spirit of the Sky Art Socks