"Not Invisible" T-Shirt

Maka Monture Päki
  • "Not Invisible" T-Shirt
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Make a statement with the “Not Invisible” shirt by Tlingit and Kanien'kehá:ka artist Maka Monture Päki. Maka was one of the co-winners of the MOA Shop’s 6th annual Emerging Indigenous Artist Contest. "Not Invisible" depicts the sacredness of women in honour of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. The female guardian figure has a labret piercing (a symbol of womanhood, status and wealth) and healing hands.

Maka Monture Päki is an author, campaigner, scholar, storyteller, poet and ceremonial performer from southeast Alaska. Of Tlingit (Łingit), Mohawk, Filipina and Canadian Kanien’kehá:ka descent, she lives in Anchorage, Alaska. She dedicates her personal and professional time to environmental and social advocacy on behalf of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth and women.

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"Not Invisible" T-Shirt