Lotería Tote Bag

Don Clemente Jacques
  • Lotería Tote Bag
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Change the way you shop and be eco-friendly with this Lotería designed 100% cotton reusable tote bag. This bag is made of very light and soft cotton for everyday use and features two straps to be worn on your shoulder comfortably.

This tote bag is a limited edition part of MOA's current featured exhibition, Xicanx: Dreamers + Changemakers. The fight by Xicanx artists for social justice began generations ago and continues to this day. Their art and their activism remain vital in the movement toward social justice for all.

The Mexican lotería ("lottery") is a popular board game in Mexico and is a large, deeply-rooted part of Mexican culture. As the name implies, winning depends on luck. Lotería is similar to Bingo, but it has characters and objects instead of letters and numbers. Over time, the cards have become symbols of Mexican identity. This mug features the most recognized version of lotería, the “Don Clemente Gallo” rendition, introduced into Mexico in 1887 by the French businessman, Don Clemente Jacques.

Fold up this unique tote bag, put it in your pocket and carry it everywhere, without worrying about paying for a disposable bag again.

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Lotería Tote Bag