Resilience Plate by Kent Monkman

Kent Monkman
  • Resilience Plate by Kent Monkman
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Limited edition Resilience Plate by Kent Monkman.  Featured in the installation “Starvation Table”, as a part of Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience. ⁣Through the table Monkman critiques how settlers enjoyed a land of plenty and bounty; while at the same time enacting colonial policies of starvation and deprivation against Indigenous peoples. ⁣ The Resilience Plate featuring an image from Monkman’s iconic work “The Daddies” and honours 150 years of Indigenous resistance and resilience. ⁣

Each plate is hand signed and includes a numbered certificate of authenticity making it a unique addition to your art collection. ⁣$40 from each plate will be donated to Bear Clan Patrol, a Winnipeg community organization that provides personal security in the inner city in a non-threatening, non-violent and supportive way. 

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Resilience Plate by Kent Monkman