Hummingbird Youth T-Shirt (Sizes 8–12)

John Velten
  • Hummingbird Youth T-Shirt (Sizes 8–12)
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Designed by Dene artist John Velten, this 100% cotton t-shirt, exclusively available at MOA, adds a sense of harmony to any wardrobe. Hummingbirds are a symbol of joy and healing and are known as the messenger of good news. “The hummingbird represents the flourishing and light-hearted take I’ve had towards learning more about who I am and where we reside,” says John, one of the co-winners of the MOA Shop’s 6th annual Emerging Indigenous Artist Contest. He uses Northwest Coast formline design to express his life experiences.

John Velten is an artist from the Lower Mainland area of BC who works in illustration, sculpture, painting, digital art and animation. His life and work have been influenced by the extensive lineage of both his Dene and German Canadian ancestries. He has been working professionally since 2016 and has been commissioned by the City of Vancouver for a mural at the Vancouver City Centre Station. His work can also be seen at cultural events and artist spaces across Vancouver. Royalties from the sale of this shirt are paid to the artist.

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Hummingbird Youth T-Shirt (Sizes 8–12)