Clay Àrbol Corazón

Saul Montesinos
  • Clay Àrbol Corazón
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This clay Àrbol Corazón (tree of hearts) is surrounded by fluttering Monarch butterflies, colourful flowers, leaves and smaller hearts. The center heart is painted in the bold colours and brushstroke style of the typical Àrbol Corazón design from the Izucar de Matamoros region of Mexico.

Milagros, or "miracles", (also known as dijes or promesas) are religious folk charms that are traditionally used for healing purposes. Shaped to replicate a Mexican sacred heart with flames around it, these hearts have been used for centuries in churches for the faithful to request miracles. The flaming heart depicted is a popular symbol for expressing love, protection and passion.

Saul Montesinos has been creating Day of the Dead artworks from clay in the style of well-known Castillo work for as long as he can remember. He first began his work as a young boy in his father’s workshop, but as his father aged, Saul took over the family business. He has now made a name for himself through his work, which is created only in Izúcar de Matamoros, Mexico.

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Clay Àrbol Corazón