Elements Within IV Matted Art Print

Rande Cook
  • Elements Within IV Matted Art Print
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This harmonious print by ‘Namgis artist Rande Cook depicts a traditional bentwood box. It is a cream art print with a thick white mat, depicting a formline Bentwood box in cream, dark red, and black.

"Elements Within IV, Rande Cook" is handwritten on the bottom. In Northwest Coast Indigenous cultures, cedar is steamed and bent to create boxes out of a single piece of wood. Cook was born in Alert Bay, BC and grew up surrounded by rich ties to his culture.

Rande Cook (Galapa) was born in 1977 in the northern Vancouver Island town of Alert Bay, B.C. Rande spent his early years in Alert Bay where his grandparents, Gus and Florence Matlipi, raised him with strong cultural views and deep ties to his rich cultural heritage as part of the Namgis, Maamtigila, and Mamalilikala tribes. Rande’s grandfather taught him the essential elements of art and impressed upon him how art both reflects and connects to the culture and its importance in maintaining and preserving a flourishing culture. Among his influences, Rande credits his brother Will Cook Jr., William Wasden Jr., Beau Dick, Don Yeomans, Bruce Alfred, and, most recently, John Livingston.

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Elements Within IV Matted Art Print