Cougar 500 Piece Puzzle

Sue Coccia
  • Cougar 500 Piece Puzzle
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This 500 piece family puzzle, Cougar, is designed by award winning Cherokee artist, Sue Coccia. Developed by local company, Indigenous Collection, who works closely with Indigenous artists from across North America to bring Indigenous art into your life. Artists collaborate in the design process to share their unique vision and story and each box includes an artist biography to connect you to the artist behind the art. All artists receive royalties for their designs.

Sue Coccia is an award-winning Northwest Cherokee artist from Edmonds, Washington, USA. Coccia has dedicated her life's work to the relationship between Indigenous art and its strong relationship with wildlife. A portion of the proceeds from Coccia's sales are donated to organizations dedicated to the preservation of animals and their habitat. 

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Cougar 500 Piece Puzzle