Chrome Plated Raven Servers

Bill Helin
  • Chrome Plated Raven Servers
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This shiny, unique set of chrome-plated servers features a Raven crest by Tsimshian artist Bill Helin. A perfect gift to celebrate a momentous occasion, these servers are dishwasher safe and come packaged in a sleek box for easy presentation. 

In Northwest Coast Indigenous cultures, the Raven is a symbol of creativity and knowledge. He is considered the trickster. Raven helps the Creator bring the light, and so the Raven symbolizes creation.

Born in 1960, Bill Helin is a Canadian artist. Helin has a wide range of talents; he is also an illustrator, jewelry designer engraver, writer, tourism and branding expert, drumming specialist, singing and verbal storyteller; and logo and gift product designer in the Northwest Coast style and a member of the Tsimshian First Nation of northwestern British Columbia. 

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Chrome Plated Raven Servers