Caribou Winter 500 Piece Puzzle

Mark Preston
  • Caribou Winter 500 Piece Puzzle
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The Caribou Winter Puzzle, featuring authentic Indigenous art by Tlingit artist, Mark Preston (Tenna‘Tsa‘Teh), is a beautiful gift for family to build together this holiday season. This 500-piece puzzle depicts a blue caribou amongst the winter scenery, complete with flying ravens and a brown caribou in the distance. A full artist biography is featured on the back of the box.

Mark Preston, born in Yukon, Canada, is of Tlingit and Irish descent. Preston travels extensively throughout British Columbia to market his work to the Northwest Coast. He has studies in various mediums, including paper, cloth, stone and more. Preston is a strong believer that art is more than illustration. To him, art is the magic that binds us all together. Royalties of this purchase will be paid to the artist.
  • 500 piece puzzle
  • Designed in Canada
  • Finished size 23" in diameter
  • Ages 9 and up

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    Caribou Winter 500 Piece Puzzle