Plush Canoe + Finger Puppet Play Set

Bill Helin
  • Plush Canoe + Finger Puppet Play Set
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Bring your next playtime to life with this whimsical plush set designed by Tsimshian artist Bill Helin. Northwest Coast Indigenous peoples are renowned for their wood canoes. Often painted with elaborate designs, canoes were essential for transportation, trade and fishing. This embroidered plush canoe set is inspired by these beautiful vessels. 

Spirit Bear, Frog & Eagle are ideal crests for family, as well as aboriginal communities and their respective organizations and family events.

Bill Helin (Welaaxam Yout) was born in the Northwest Coast community of Prince Rupert, BC. Growing up, Bill spent countless hours listening to his grandmother as she taught him the many legends and songs of the Tsimshian people. Through his books and plush toys, he has captured the essence of these stories and helped introduce his cultures to a new generation of learners.

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Plush Canoe + Finger Puppet Play Set