A Song From Both Sides 500 Piece Puzzle

Jean Taylor
  • A Song From Both Sides 500 Piece Puzzle
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This 500 piece family puzzle, A Song From Both Sides, is designed by Tlingit artist, Jean Taylor. Developed by local company, Indigenous Collection, who works closely with Indigenous artists from across North America to bring Indigenous art into your life. Artists collaborate in the design process to share their unique vision and story and each box includes an artist biography to connect you to the artist behind the art. All artists receive royalties for their designs.

    Jean’s heritage is Tlingit and she spent years of her life in the Yukon. She now thinks back and realizes how inspired and encouraged she has been by the creativity that was all around her during childhood. “The works that I’m most known for are paintings of West Coast Tlingit people in masks, button blankets and woven hats, many of them dancing,” says Jean. “I also love to paint images of moccasins, mukluks, mitts, jackets and snowshoes, all the things I saw being created by my relatives as I was growing up.” 

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    A Song From Both Sides 500 Piece Puzzle